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Carpet Repair & Installation


Do you see a buckle or wrinkle in your carpet? Are you tripping on open and torn seams? Do you have unsightly bleach marks? Or burn marks from the fireplace? Have you ever moved a piece of furniture across a carpet only to find out the leg pulled a long section of rows from the carpet? Have you ever replaced a carpet because of pet odors, and find out later the odor returned?If you ever experienced any of these problems and do not know what to do, call A Steam Pro today!

Poor installation, humidity, and improper carpet care can cause a carpet to buckle and wrinkle over time. Dragging furniture across a room can aggravate the problem and make it worse. Vacuuming over the buckling can cause early wear to that area. We can re-stretch and reinstall your carpet to the way it is supposed to be installed in the first place!

In most circumstances, open and torn seams can be easily repaired

Don’t have those bleach marks cut out, they may be spot dyed. Color repair is an additional service CARPETS ETC. provides. Repairing burn marks are a specialty, too! Berber loops are easily repaired without losing the integrity of the backing system! Carpets can be lifted to treat underlayment surface for pet urine problems and reinstalled to eliminate pet odor problems!


Reinstallation of Carpeting

A carpet may need to be lifted and reinstalled when there is heavy urine contamination and tools, such as the Water Claw, are ineffective. Severe urine contamination may require replacing the carpet cushion, treating, and sealing both the subfloor and the backing system of the carpet.

Improper carpet maintenance and poor selection of padding can also create a deterioration of the carpet cushion that can lead to premature wear of the carpet and in order to save costly replacement, A Steam Pro can install new pad.